About Us

CupArise was founded in 2021 to address the barriers to early detection of breast cancer in black women and support linkage to care in low-income countries so that women are empowered to seek medical help early and make timely informed decisions, thereby increasing the chances of early detection which we anticipate will result in improved outcomes.

The majority of breast cancer patients, at least 7 in 10, living in low-income countries including sub-Saharan Africa, first present in the clinic when the disease is at the advanced or late-stage and by this time, treatment possibilities have less benefit or are simply unavailable thereby leading to poor outcomes. The barriers to early detection of the disease in these settings have been outlined in publications.

Given that the barriers to early detection of breast cancer in these settings are complex and multifaceted, we are using a mixed-methods approach including the development of social engagement platforms and smart solutions to enhance awareness and provide support links while acknowledging the nuances in these diverse settings. To change the narrative, there is a need to encourage open discussions and engagements on these issues.


We aim to achieve these through collaborations with other developmental organisations, individuals, government, the private sector and other stakeholders as we build a sustainable and resourceful network and systems.

Founding Story

When my friend died of cancer, my mind became preoccupied, remembering others who died due to cancer within a year of diagnosis. I discovered that at least 7 in 10 breast cancer patients (in low-income countries like Nigeria) first present in the clinic at the late stage when treatments have less benefit, leading to poorer outcomes, including premature deaths.

CupArise’s mission is to create platforms to address barriers to early detection in black women, provide linkage to care through social engagement, and develop a smart solution that would empower black women to seek medical help early and make timely informed decisions, increasing chances of survival.

- Mercy Ofuya -


Below is an outline of our current and future projects. Click on the [+] to contact us for details on how to get involved. 

  • Podcast
  • Educational resources to enhance awareness
  • Smart mobile software
  • Basic feature mobile software
  • Database/repository of resources on support and reliable information.
  • Facilitate/support the development of radiotherapy centres